How To Actually Reach Your Goals

This IS IT! This is the magic sauce you’ve been looking for. This is the system guaranteed to bring your goals from fantasy to reality. Well, ok maybe not. I hope you know by now that there is no substitution for good old fashion hard work. However, I have today a couple of tips that I believe will be key in your daily pursuit of your goals, personal growth and spiritual growth.


Most people never have any chance of reaching their goals because they never get crystal clear on what they’re trying to accomplish. Sure, many people make goals, but many times they are vague and unmeasurable

“I want to get in shape.”

A great end goal, but if that’s as clear as you get then you aren’t likely to do anything about it. Clarify what that means. Losing weight? Gaining muscle? Getting your heart healthy? How will you go about it? Eating healthier? Working out? When will you do those things?

A more clear goal might look like, I’m going go jogging every Monday and Thursday morning for 45 minutes.

A clear goal focuses less on the end goal and more on the actions that will get you there.

Getting clear on your goal helps clarify how you will spend your time. You’ve just eliminated every other activity in the morning that isn’t spending 45 minutes jogging. (Although, I hope that prayer and devotion is still in your morning or day somewhere)

The question associated with clarity is, “What is the target I want to move toward?”


OK, so you know exactly what you’re moving toward. Now, it’s time to move toward it. Consistently, everyday, no exceptions. What step are you taking today to move toward your goal? Have you started yet?

There’s many reasons why we might wait to get started, for me I waited to create content on YouTube because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to create and I didn’t have the equipment or the knowledge needed to create the quality I would like. At some point I realized that if I just started it would create the motivation needed to improve, to aquire the skills and equipment needed to get better. Even now, I’m not “happy” with my studio, but I’m creating content and moving forward, everyday.

You don’t have to be perfect at it to get started. Just begin and consistently move toward your goal. One step each day. We have to ask the question: Am I consistently moving forward?

Consistency matters because when it comes to reaching goals progress is NOT static. You don’t just stay in place when you stop. Overtime we naturally pivot either to an alternative goal or in the case of actually stopping, we usually drift backwards. So, we consistently move forward and when we find we are drifting we look to the third key.


Knowing our tendency to drift we have to be willing to make contingencies along the way. These are small changes to adjust our course. As I gain knowledge, I realize some of what I’m doing isn’t going to take me toward my goal. My strategy and how I use my time must shift. The closer we zero in our what target we are reaching the more we must shift to get rid of or shift activities that don’t take us toward that specific goal.

When I started making content, I thought I would just create videos and take about movies or things I’m interested in. It didn’t take me long to realize that’s incompatible with my goals as a person. I want to inspire hope, encourage consistency and motivate people toward life change.

Ask yourself today: What small changes do I need to make to keep consistently moving toward my target.

I am convinced, no matter what your goal is, if you get crystal clear on what it is, move consistently toward it and make small changes along the way, you will get there. So keep on going!

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in more check out this video I made on the subject. Have a blessed day!

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