A Friendly Warning | New Devotions Coming Soon

I’m excited to let you know that on Sunday I will begin posting devotions again. I recently added writing back to my morning routine, because I realized it’s good for me. Devotions will be published on Sundays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm, and I’ve already written the ten posts that you’ll read during the month of August, so it’s only fair that I give you an idea of what you can expect.

Well, perhaps it’s more of a warning. Most of my content will be devotional content similar to what I’ve posted in the past. However, some of it will contain tint of challenge and underlying frustration. The reason is, well, I’ve been frustrated. A lot has happened in our world recent times and it hasn’t exactly brought out the best in everyone. Apart from that I’ve been shaken, challenged, and grown a lot in the past few years. I have a lot of thoughts that I feel like I haven’t been able to freely express.

Why? Well, honestly because as I’ve grown and challenged my thinking it’s clear that I have some beliefs that challenge the conservative Christian narrative. Now let me be clear, I am a conservative Christian. None of what I am talking about violates scripture or the core principles I’ve held most of my life. However, it definitely has challenged my approach to listening and learning. I’m at a place where I want to be challenged, because without resistance there can’t be growth. As a result of striving to really understand all sides of issues, I definitely think differently about things than many others in my circle. I’m ok with that, but it’s I don’t expect everyone in my circle to be.

Still, there are some things that I have to say. I will make my best effort to say it with grace and be as balanced and clear as I can. For a long time, I have felt like I’m only allowed to talk about political perspectives that the majority of Christian churches agree with even though I’m not convinced scripture does. The one thing I am most frustrated with is that we (and this isn’t exclusive to Christians, it might just be a natural human trait) have an incredible ability to judge differing opinions without understanding what is being said.

Romans 12:16-18 (NLT) Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all! Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. 18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.

A friend of mine was having a theological debate not too long ago, but they couldn’t get anywhere. She was telling me about the theological her friend was trying to discredit and I was super confused. The idea he was fighting against wasn’t something the she nor anyone I know actually believes. My response was simply this. “So, they’re making up what you believe and arguing against it?”


This is something I have seen in many disagreements in differing political and theological stances. We make assumptions about what they believe and we fight against it with all we have, never really knowing or understanding what they really believe. The conversations goes nowhere, but offenses have been created.

We also have a nasty habit of only paying attention to information, facts, and data that line up with the narrative we believe. When something goes against our belief, then we either dismiss, discredit, or distort it. We ignore it, call it false, or twist it to fit our narrative instead. It’s ok to disagree and have differing opinions, but until we learn to have honest discourse, where we can recognize opposing views as legitimate, we will only continue to create division in not only our country but our churches as well.

My heart is to see a unified body of Christ building His Kingdom. In a lot of ways, the church is becoming more unified than it has been in recent years. Some denominational boundaries are becoming less important. People are recognizing that we can learn from each other. However, as some things improve it makes the areas where things are stuck, or even moving backward, that much clearer.

Again, most of my content will still be devotional in nature. My primary objective is still to challenge us all to daily pursue Jesus, developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. However, out of that relationship with Jesus, the way we interact with the world will change. It is my hope that we can show the world the love of God and maybe that starts with the way we talk to each other. If the world looks at the church and can only see our divisions, our crazy, our hatred (perceived or not) then it serves to show we have some work to do.

Honestly, at the end of the day maybe what I have to say isn’t even that controversial. What I do know is that I needed to write and it has been incredibly freeing for me to do so. If you feel inclined to read, thank you for doing so. All I ask is that you are patient with me. If I post something that you disagree with, disagree well. Respond respectfully and make every effort to respond to what I say, rather than assumptions about what I said. I’ll do the same.

Thanks so much for reading! I also just launched my youtube account TODAY where I will discuss movies, music, and life. I am hoping to create a community of hope and positivity as I discuss things I’m interested in. If you’d like to support it and check it out the link is youtube.com/chriselewis. I’ll also drop my channel trailer below. Every like, view, comment, and subscribe is a huge help.

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