The Adventurer

Recently I asked some of my students to tell me about their greatest adventure. Stories ranged from riding insane and unsafe thrill rides to a close encounter with a bear. Every story they told had one element in common. RISK. A life without risk is a life without adventure and a person who lives such a life is a person with no stories to tell. Tragically, too many Christians live such a life.

When people hear the word “Christian” it conjures up different meanings. Some people think of a loving Savior. Some think of delusion. Others think of Hypocrisy. There are many, even in the church, who simply think, boring. Is Christianity supposed to be boring? Were the disciples bored? Was the Apostle Paul bored? Why would people think Christianity is boring?

Ok I know, we’ve all been to a boring church service before, but beyond that, I believe people think Christianity is boring because so many Christians live boring lives. We are content and comfortable with the mundane. We lack a deep desperation for the miraculous.

There are moments when it feels like, we know we’re saved and so we clutch our one-way ticket to Heaven, keep our head down and desperately try to make sure we don’t lose it. One of my students reminded me that we are supposed to be the army of the Lord. If an army spends all their time hiding in the trenches then it is largely ineffective and will be defeated. We aren’t called just to try and avoid hell. We are called to march out and make an impact. We are called to build the Kingdom God

Matthew 16:18 (ESV) And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The church isn’t supposed to be on defense, but offense! We know this because it says the GATES of hell can’t prevail against us. A gate is defensive, therefore we as the church should be on the move. If we truly lived understanding our mission, life would be an adventure.

What does an adventure look like? Here’s what I’ve learned. An adventure should be fun and often involves the unexpected. Our lives should be full of unexpected moments of God’s presence and leading. Moments where He shows up unannounced to spend time with us. Times where He shows up speak to us and lead us to reach out to someone in need. We miss this one many times because another word for unexpected is inconvenient. He sometimes shows up at a time when we have other plans and He interrupts our lives for His purposes. We can go about our business, or we can live on the edge and let Him interrupt and maybe catch a glimpse of the miraculous!

An adventure should involve risk and many times will have a great cost. The problem is many times we are afraid of the risk and we aren’t willing to pay the cost. We already know it will risk being inconvenienced, but there is also the risk of embarrassment. The risk of failure. The risk of losing friends. Ultimately it comes down to this: Do we trust the Lord enough to take the plunge and risk it all? Because I promise you, when we risk it all for His purposes it is always worth the risk. It is always worth the cost, no matter how great.

The final thing I’ve learned about adventure is that it always leaves you with a story to tell. Once you set out on this lifetime adventure and begin to live a life of risk, the story becomes an important part of it. First, your story will encourage other people to step out in faith and walk in greater obedience to the Lord. Second, your story changes the game on witnessing. You begin to develop an arsenal of personal experience to share with the lost. You not only have your story of salvation and what God is done in your life, you also have stories of how God has used you to pray for the sick and bring healing. Stories of times God gave you a word of knowledge and led a stranger in the grocery store to Jesus. Stories of the time you prayed for a waitress and she burst into tears and the Lord brought healing to her heart.

Are you ready to step out in faith and live a lifestyle of risk? Are you tired of the mundane and ready to step into the miraculous? If so the time of waiting is over. Begin to ask the Lord to give you opportunities and then spend each day looking for those opportunities to step out and live the life of an adventurer.

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