The Danger of Contentment

The goal of humanity is contentment. Everyone wants to be happy rather than sad, angry and depressed. We want to be full of peace and we don’t want to endure suffering. That is basic human desire. However, I find that in the midst of lacking struggle, in the midst of contentment we are often in the most danger. It is in times of ease and comfort that we are tempted to rely on human effort rather than God’s gentle guiding hand.

Psalms 63:1 (NLT) O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.

We have all related to this scripture at some point in our lives. During those moments of heartache, loss of direction, confusion, we find ourselves full of a diving desperation. We begin to seek out the Lord’s help when things aren’t working out like we expected, hoped or feel we deserve. We are very aware of the fragility of humanity and how great our need is. The problem is our need for God is just as great during the good seasons as it is in the bad season. Yet, during the good, we are less inclined to turn to the Lord.

Isaiah 31:1 (NLT) What sorrow awaits those who look to Egypt for help, trusting their horses, chariots, and charioteers and depending on the strength of human armies instead of looking to the Lord, the Holy One of Israel.

During seasons of contentment, we sometimes lose sight of God and begin looking at our own strength, or the strength of our neighbors. When tragedy begins to strike who do we run to first? Sadly, many times we run to God as a last resort. We turn to our neighbors first and when their strength fails we remember the Lord. He should be the first person we turn to not the last.

Psalm 63:6 (NLT) I lie awake thinking of you, meditating on you through the night.

This scripture is particularly challenging to me as I continue to challenge myself in my daily devotional life. I have a love for His word that is stronger than it has ever been, yet in some seasons and I crave it more than others. When was the last time I lay awake at night just thinking of the goodness of God?  Dwelling in His presence and loving Him? Last night I did a devotional, prayed briefly and then watched shark tank til I went to sleep. I missed an opportunity to just dwell in His presence.

What about you? Do you think upon the Lord with that level of passion and consistency? Is He continually in your thoughts? I would bet during seasons of hardship He is in your thoughts more often than seasons is ease. More and more I find myself looking back with gratitude for difficult seasons that drove me deeper into the presence and Word of God. I would rather have a difficult life, full of reliance on the Lord, than a life of ease where I neglect my Creator.

The goal of humanity is contentment, but we have slightly missed the mark. Our goal should be contentment in Christ. Too often we want contentment from a life without struggle. We want to have plenty of money and live a worry free life. Those aren’t bad goals, but if we are seeking contentment from possessions rather than Jesus then our goals are wicked.

I pray that we wake ourselves, search our hearts and renew our desire for the Lord. I pray you would develop a greater reliance upon Jesus. Regardless of the season, let us dwell upon the Lord day and night! Our need for Him is constant, so should our reliance upon Him be. Let us remain desperate and dependant upon Jesus in times of difficulty and especially during times of contentment.

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