Letting God Work

Ignition. There is a certain thrill when you hear the sound of your car coming to life. Especially when it is transporting you to a specific destination, one you have been eagerly anticipating for months! I’m looking at you Disney World. Other times the car is just the car. It’s just a part of your daily routine. Sometimes we get in the car turn it on and wonder, “Alright, now where am I going?”

Many times in the past five years people have told me that I should move forward in different areas of my life.

“You need to find a job where you can make more money.”

“You’re still single? It’s time to get married, look at her she’s great, now get moving.”

“Why don’t you have cable? You should really get cable.”

Some of those areas I would be thrilled to move forward in. However, when it comes to these important life decisions, forward motion is not the only factor to be considered. Direction matters. It is not wisdom to just pick a direction, step out and hope it’s the right one. Moving forward is in itself not the most important thing. We must move in the right direction, as God leads us. 

There is a clear distinction between someone dragging their feet and taking a long time to make a decision and someone who is waiting to hear leading and direction from God. And that’s where I have been for admittedly longer than I should have been. From the outside looking in, I get why people might wonder why I haven’t taken certain steps.

I am not the person God had called me to be. I spent years as an inconsistent Christian. I did take some steps forward without considering direction. I was this empty person with no direction or aim and lacked a sense of purpose. My pursuit of the Lord was secondary to my own wants. Recently I changed that. I feel like the Lord has been filling me up and at some point He is going to lead me forward in many areas of my life. At the right time He will lead and I will obey. I know He will not only lead me in the right timing, but also give me the right direction.

Right now, I know He is still filling me up. He is still working in my life and the best thing I can do is let Him work. It would be a disaster to step out on my own just for the sake of movement. When He speaks I will move swiftly with joy, but until that time I know He has a purpose for me right where I am at.

There are times when we need to plant ourselves in prayer and not move until He gives us direction. However, there are other times when we need to step out in faith, take action and trust God. Sometimes we have a clear direction, but are feeling great apprehension, fear and doubt. In those times we need to examine our faith, stop letting fear hold us back and take that step in faith allowing God to work through that step.

Perhaps you find yourself in one of those two places. In either regard we have a responsibility to trust the Lord. If you are in season of waiting, trust the God is orchestrating His plans and will bring them about in His timing. If you are in a season of action then trust the Lord, step out in faith and trust that He is on your side. No matter how challenging your circumstances might seem, we can trust that God will work everything out.

I think this scripture sums it up nicely.

Luke 12:35-36 (NLT) “Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning,  as though you were waiting for your master to return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks.

Some of us are in a position where we are waiting for that knock of the Lord. Suppose we tire of waiting and go out into the streets looking for Him, hoping to catch Him on His way. We might very well miss Him entirely. Let us wait patiently for the knock. Let us stay alert ready to answer the door. How terrible if when He knocks we have fallen asleep.

Perhaps some of you are in a place where He is knocking, but you are timid and fearful, “What if it is a burglar or some trap the enemy has set before me?” Put aside doubt, put aside fear and open the door. The Lord is calling us to Him in this hour, let us trust Him in all things.

I pray today that God would speak to your heart and guide you. Whatever season you find yourself in, you are a child of God and His plans for you are wonderful. Let Him mold you and make you the person He has called you to be. Follow His leading and always listen for His voice. As you walk with God today I pray He would lead you in whatever step you are supposed to take today. Whether it is a big step that will change the direction of your life, or a small step to your knees in prayer. In faith, take that step and let God work in your life and through your life.

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