A Moment of Honesty

I’m not perfect. In fact, I’m far from it. I have a sincere desire to purse Jesus and do His will, but I haven’t always made decisions that reflect full submission to His Lordship. In fact this is an area I’ve struggled with pretty consistently for years. Especially challenging for me has been learning to really hear His voice in the midst of a thousand other voices.

Three years ago I was so convinced I was hearing God’s voice, leading and direction, but things didn’t play out as I expected and I was left with two options. Either I can’t hear God’s voice at all or God’s plan for that time in my life was different than I thought it was. I believed it was the latter, but my emotions told me it was the first.

In a way I gave up. I didn’t stop loving Jesus, but I did disengage. I stopped believing I could ever truly hear His voice and direction for my life. I made several decisions during this season that weren’t necessarily bad, but weren’t based upon prayerfully following the leading of the Lord.

I tried to do things my own way.

That’s never an easy thing to admit is it? It happens all the time. We all have moments when we boldly jump into a decision without considering the direction of the Lord. The true test comes once we realize that we stepped towards something God didn’t intend. Sometimes we double down on the wrong direction and just hope God can make something good of it. 

He can. 

However, the best thing we can do is take a step back and put our whole life on the table in front of the Lord and say, “Ok God, what is Your will?”

The struggle I ran into is that I’d gotten so used to doing things my way, I couldn’t recognize His voice. It was no longer familiar. I reached out and sought advice and counsel from many different sources.

In difficult decisions we should always seek the peace of the Lord. God’s voice is always assuring and His direction is accompanied by peace. Even when the decision in question is challenging,  hard to follow through and will lead to all kinds of mixed emotions, deep down in the presence of Jesus we can have peace.

That doesn’t always make things easy, but this is where Faith in the Lord and the willingness to obey Him comes into play. What’s most important to you? The plans we laid or obeying the Lord? For me, I know I want to be in His perfect will at any cost.

I’m still working on learning to truly obey Him and hear His voice. Some of you reading this today might relate in my struggle to hear God’s voice. If that’s you, can I encourage you to keep at it. Keep reading the Word and spending time in prayer. Prioritize God over all else and I promise, you will learn to recognize His voice. He is active and wanting to speak to each of us, leading us and directing us down paths of promise.

I tried to do things my own way rather than letting God’s voice lead my life. I let other people tell me what God was saying, and while other people can confirm what the Lord is speaking to you, we must listen to the voice of the secret place.

I believe the Lord is leading me into a new season of my life. For 8 months now I have been consistently pursuing the Lord in a way I hadn’t for a long time. I believe I am learning to hear His voice again and more importantly obeying that voice.

This learning process is part of why my blogs abruptly stopped. I know I had just barely even started this blog, and I stopped. I found myself in an unexpected season where I was empty, broken and needed to fill up on His Word. I lacked motivation and inspiration to write, but I kept my prayer time and Bible reading consistent.

I guess today my primary message to you would be that obedience to God is the most important thing. Prayer if not coupled with action, leads to complacency. We must act in a way that pleases the Lord.

Next week we will spend some time looking at sin and the result of disobeying the Lord. I hope you’ll join me as we explore the stories of King Saul and Samson and learn some practical steps we can take to overcome sin.

Thank you for reading!

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