I’ve Made Some Typos

In several of the last few blogs I wrote, I realized there were some pretty big and glaring typos. My e-mail subscribers were probably left scratching there head more than once. I don’t like making typos, yet I seem powerless to make them again and again. From the depths of my soul I just wish there was some way they could be avoided!

It turns out that while it may not be possible to avoid them completely, they can be greatly lessened through a practice called proof reading. Most of us learned this concept in school, and you’re likely thinking in your head that I should already know this information. I do. However, knowledge of proof reading has no value if we don’t put it into practice.

I was thinking recently that our time spent in prayer and reading God’s word is kind of like proof reading our life. Every plan we make, every dream we pursue, every step we take should be brought carefully and prayerfully before the Lord. Pursuing your plans without first bringing them to the Lord for guidance is like rolling a dice and hoping it works out. How often do we make plans and pray the Lord blesses them instead of seeking to make plans that bless the Lord?

Some of you may have noticed I took the last two weeks off from writing this blog. Sometimes in life we have to step back from what we are doing and review. Are we really pursuing the dreams God put inside of us? This is why I always encourage my students to have a journal and write down what they feel God speaks to them.

Every now and then we need to pull out that journal, not for writing, but for reading. It is sometimes healthy to look back to September 13th and see what God spoke to you on that day. It’s good to see what scriptures spoke to your heart three months ago, or even three years ago.

Sometimes we veer off course and we realize that even though we heard God speak to us, we didn’t put into action the plans of the Lord. Just hearing God’s voice isn’t enough, we must do what He says.

James 1:22 (NLT) But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.

Again having knowledge is not enough, we must put it into action. The ability to hear God’s voice is irrelevant if you do not apply what the Lord has said to your life. In fact, if we do not obey the Lord then overtime our ability to recognize His voice diminishes. This is why I firmly believe in reading His word and obeying everything it says.

Unlike this blog, life once lived can’t be edited. We must learn to hear His voice and honor Him with obedience. Instead of just rushing into action based on a heightened emotional state, we should a pause and review our plan of action. Bring it with you into prayer and allow the presence and peace of God to proofread your plans.

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